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French author, theater, plays for children. French writer Ternoise, translated by Kate-Marie Glover.

Ternoise ? French photographer.

The Teddy (Bear) Whisperer



Published: October 17, 2011


Stéphane Ternoise


Translated by Kate-Marie Glover




A One-Act play for children

The Teddy (Bear) Whisperer

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Characters :


The little girl (aged 6 or 7)

1st child

2nd child

3rd child

4th child

A chorus of children (variable in number)



Act 1


The little girl, sitting up in bed, is barely visible amongst all her cuddly toys. There are cuddly toys all over her bedroom.


All the children (a minimum of 5, speaking parts included) enter on tiptoes. They look round admiringly, smiling ecstatically as they point out to one another various cuddly toys.


1st child : - Watch your step !

2nd child : - Even her pillow is completely covered.

3rd child : - Her shelves are even worse than my grandma with her pots of jam.

4th child : - It’s worse than my grandpa’s toolbox.

A child from the chorus : Worse than my mum’s wardrobe.


The little girl smiles as though she has only just noticed the other children.


3rd child : - It’s the little girl with 200 teddy bears, they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere !

A child from the chorus (repeating this air in a whisper): It’s the little girl with 200 teddy bears, they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere !

4th child : - It’s the little girl with 200 teddy bears, and we all wish that she would share.

The little girl : - Oh my friends ! Don’t be jealous - for there are plenty of things to worry about when looking after 200 hundred teddy bears from morning till night. And even from night until morning !

4th child : - I’d be happy to have those kinds of worries.

The little girl : - Well I’ll tell you something, it’s not easy at all when Baby Mouse hides behind Pappy Elephant, when in fact he should be sleeping next to his mummy. And at night ! Perhaps you think that all my teddy bears are sleepy at the same time ? It’s worse than a school dormitory at lights out !

4th child : - A school dormitory ? That doesn’t exist !

2nd child : - Oh yes it does. Grandma told me. It was a long time ago, even before the year 2000. Children would stay at school overnight instead of going home. They would sleep in a dormitory.

4th child : - A dormitory indeed ! How their parents were cruel !

2nd child : - Don’t be silly ! With no buses – what else could they have done ?

4th child : - No buses ? Stop that’s nonsense !

The little girl : - Maybe you think it’s nonsense but it’s true. And what’s more, children haven’t always had teddy bears like we do. A lot of children made to with just a bit of cloth.

4th child : - I would have refused to go to sleep ! I’d have argued until I was blue in the face ! I would have screamed !

A child : - I would have pinched !

4th child : - I would have gone to live with grandma !

1st child : - moves to the shelf and takes down a stuffed toy in the form of a dog What’s this one’s name ?





Chorus of children :


Its the little girl with 200 teddy bears

Theyre everywhere

Theyre everywhere

Its the little girl with 200 teddy bears

We all wish that she would share

Its the little girl with 200 teddy bears

She gives them all her special care






Ternoise Stéphane is a French author.


He was born in 1968. He published since 1991.


Catalog in French and official website :



Kate-Marie Glover


Kate-Marie Glover was born in England in the proud, northern county of Yorkshire. It was thus as much a surprise to her as to the people that knew her when she abandoned this green and pleasant land for Paris to pursue her dream of sitting and smoking... in Paris. Her love of writing, reading and communication led her to translation work which she undertakes with great passion, albeit seated, and smoking and in Paris. She has immensely enjoyed this project, her first (of many) collaboration with Stephane Ternoise. Happy reading !


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All rights of translation, reproduction, use, interpretation and reserved for all countries, all planets, all universe.




ISBN 978-2-36541-032-8

EAN 9782365410328 Ebook

The Teddy (Bear) Whisperer of Stéphane Ternoise, translated by Kate-Marie Glover

Jean-Luc PETIT Editor - BP 17 - 46800 Montcuq - France

October 17, 2011

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